Teens and Technology

Technology Safety for Teens

Facebook, Texting, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Four Square, Pintrest, Google+, Spotify, YouTube, Tumblr, Blogs…..the list keeps growing of new hi-tech way for teens to connect with each other and the world. Internet and cellular technologies offer virtually unlimited opportunities to instantly connect with others. Like anything in life…..knowledge, moderation, and age-appropriate use are key to safely and responsibly using these opportunities.

New Ways for Teens to Connect – Cellular & Internet Technology

New opportunities for teens to connect online and with their smart phone are popping up every day. As such, it is almost impossible to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date list of what is currently available. In general, teens are usually the first to know what is available online…. so it is more important than ever for parents to discuss cellular and internet safety with their teens. Read More

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